Documentary Jochem Myjer premieres in Carré: ‘Slightly in shock’ | Entertainment


It took a while for Jochem to be persuaded to film himself for a year for the documentary, but afterwards he is happy that he did it. “After many discussions and long deliberations, I gave her permission, because I am a big fan of her as a maker and because I trusted her that she could make something good / real, which may also be fun for my children later on. see ”, he writes on Instagram.

The comedian has now seen the film and says he is “still slightly in shock. Being on stage in front of a large audience is already quite vulnerable, but this documentary is so fragile that I can hardly look at it myself, ”he writes.

Shit tumors

It was a year of extremes for Jochem. He was in Carré 100 times, but at that time he missed his wife and children after playing in front of a packed house. He was also struggling with physical pain because his body was no longer willing to cooperate “after those fucking tumors” in his spinal cord.

“Rarely in my life have I been so afraid to share this with everyone,” he confesses. “But fuck it. I am who I am. Someone who loves his job dearly, who likes to entertain and please people and who on the other hand also wants to be a good father and partner and who, like everyone else, has to deal with the obstacles that life in our path creates. So let’s see. ”


Due to the corona restrictions, only 190 places are available at the Carré premiere. Tickets are now on sale. Those who fish next to the net can still watch the documentary on Monday 28 September in Het Uur van de Wolf on NPO 2.


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