Do not miss: Tonight – the peak meteor shower of August


On the nights between August 11 and 13 (Tuesday to Thursday), the meteor shower – the Perseids – will be visible. This meter is known for its very rich rhythm (close to a few dozen meteors are expected per hour) and for its very occurrence at the height of summer.

The comet that causes the meteor, 109P / Swift-Tuttle, last passed the perihelion (at the point closest to the sun in its orbit) in 1992 and as a result had extremely rich targets in 2000-1991 (with a rate of several hundred meteors per hour). This year, the peak of the rain is expected to occur tonight (Wednesday).

To best enjoy the rain, go out in as dark places as possible, away from settlements. Unfortunately, the moon will rise after midnight and its light will impair the visibility of the meteors in the second half of the night, towards morning, when the rain will be at its peak.


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