Diver warns: “Swimming in deep gravel pools is dangerous”


Swimming in canals or gravel pools is prohibited, but people regularly go swimming on hot days. In Lanklaar yesterday it turned out badly for a young man from Maasmechelen. He ran into problems when he and his friends went swimming illegally in the gravel pond Het Greven.

“The water at the top is warm, but underneath is a very cold layer, which is very treacherous,” says diver Yves Ricour of the fire brigade in Maasmechelen. “The water can really be 24 degrees at the top, and only 10 degrees at the bottom. And that can really surprise you, you can choke or panic and drown. ” Sometimes there are also dangerous tools or materials under water. “The industrial activities in the lakes sometimes date back to 30 or 40 years ago. Nobody knows what exactly is there anymore. But we sometimes see rebars sticking out there. And you can’t see that from the shore, if you want to go swimming there. ”


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