Dismissal round at Arsenal: ‘Shame that club fires 55 hard-working employees’


Arsenal has announced in an extensive statement on the club website that 55 club employees are being fired for the consequences of the corona virus. It gives The Gunners a torrent of criticism.

Raul Sanlleh and Vinai Venkatesham, directors of the club from London, indicate that the decision is difficult for them. “We don’t take these kinds of decisions lightly and have looked at all aspects of spending before we got to this point,” Sanlleh and Venkatesham comment. “With these measures we want to move the club forward, to create a good organization for a world after Covid-19. In addition, we want to guarantee that we have the resources to participate in the English top and in Europe.”

Arseblog, a fan account of Arsenal on Twitter with more than 300,000 followers, does not understand the decision of the club management. ’55 jobs, with about a £ 50,000 annual salary, makes £ 2,750,000. If you look at some of the deals we made with players, and see the amounts we transferred to their agents, it’s a shame the club chooses to fire 55 hard-working people. ”

In addition, many Arsenal supporters see it as a shame that the club fires 55 people, while they want to offer Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang a contract of reportedly € 277,000 a week.


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