Dismissal of Shasha Bitton: The compromise proposal promoted by Mickey Zohar


Has the last word not yet been said? The chairman of the coalition and the Likud faction, Miki Zohar, is working to reach a compromise that will prevent the removal of MK Yifat Shasha-Bitton from her position as chairman of the Corona committee. A meeting was scheduled for Shasha-Bitton with the prime minister, after which it will be determined whether a compromise will be found that will prevent the removal.

Last week, the chairman of the coalition, MK Miki Zohar, informed her of her removal from her position on the Corona committee. Subsequently, many voices were heard in support of the abolition of the removal, including votes within the Likud faction, which they claimed said that Miki Zohar’s move divided the Likud.

Shasha Bitton responded last week to the dismissal announcement and wrote on Twitter: “I acted on my conscience! The prime minister’s decision to fire me is a decision aimed at preventing serious discussions, preventing dialogue, preventing listening to the public, preventing other voices from voting. “To the public as well, transparently, seriously, with full listening, and I pledge to continue to do so in the future wherever I am.”

MK Zohar wrote in response on his Twitter account: “It is my role and duty to ensure the integrity of the coalition. Recently, there has been a loosening of coalition discipline that makes it difficult for us to work for the people of Israel. In a joint consultation with the Prime Minister, it was decided to impose sanctions on those who violated discipline, as has been the practice of all Israeli governments for generations. I’m sorry there are those who do not know how to accept criticism and choose to shoot inside the ADF.

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