Discount allows for freezing of mortgage payments for 12 months – financial consumerism


Article about Discount Bank – my response regarding the entire banking system. The solution of deferring a mortgage – similar to the solution of dreamers who built a hospital near a bridge from which they would fall permanently. The problem is not “Corona” but a systemic problem – in Israel a real estate bubble that has been fueled by bank credit From the crisis, it was right to use this “medicine” as early as 2009 or at the latest in 2010. The Bank of Israel had to press the brakes. Between 2009 and 2017, housing prices in the center rose by 100 +% in the periphery. Prices rose by 200-500%. – 20% – this is the root of the problem. The laymen were convinced that an apartment that should cost NIS 600,000 according to a median salary costs NIS 1,500,000. Hundreds of thousands of young families saved several years, took money from their parents, took loans for any purpose at high interest rates, borrowed against the pension and study fund And still required a mortgage of 1.2M NIS while only a decade earlier buyers were debt free or did not have to borrow so much. Hundreds of thousands of families do not sleep at night because NIS 1 million is a huge debt when a median family a decade ago borrowed no more than 200-300K. Do not build a hospital – repair the bridge – ie lower apartment prices by about 65%.



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