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Mexico has been in the top 3 countries with the most corona deaths since Saturday, behind Brazil and the United States. The Mexican government is almost completely ignoring the virus, and President Lopez Obrador even wants to celebrate Independence Day as they always have. Crazy work!
The numbers
On Saturday, the country again recorded a record number of infections: 9556. This brings the total to 434,000 infections, and the death toll is 47,472. About one in nine (tested) patients would therefore die. Although there seems to be very little to be tested, which of course gives a distorted picture.

Striking criticism
What is striking about this message is the criticism by American virologists of the policy of the Mexican government. You will see why.

The first criticism: only the most ill patients are tested, half of which prove positive for corona. The second: “Investments are not being made in contact research, but mainly in expanding the capacity in hospitals.” The third criticism: conflicting reports about the wearing of mouth masks. And then the fourth: “Critics believe that restrictive measures were launched too late and relaxed too quickly. Since the end of May, the government has focused mainly on a restart of the economy. Some sectors were exempted from restrictions because they were ‘critical’ to the country. ”

These are exactly the same problems as with the Dutch corona policy? There are other factors in Mexico that make it much worse there than here, but the point remains: both governments have messed it up in much the same way. They still do that, by the way.

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