Disaster: collapsed in the house shortly after contracting the virus


a a A In Jerusalem today (Saturday), the late Rabbi Eliezer Kaufman, the Gabay of the Beit Midrash of the Rebbe of Tchaikovsky, passed away, and he was for many years a spiritual overseer and a Torah scholar at the Toldot Aharon Yeshiva, and he is 70 years old.

During the Sabbath, he collapsed suddenly, at his home on Eliezerov Street in the city and died after contracting the corona virus in recent days.

The deceased, the son of the late Rabbi Avraham Kaufman, was known as one who worked hard for the worshipers of the Chakewa Beit Midrash on Yonah Street in Jerusalem, with great devotion.

In addition, Rabbi Eliezer Shal was in the past privileged to be used in the sanctuary of the Rebbe who owns the ‘plot of Joshua’ from Biala Zatzokal.

His acquaintances say that in his life he managed to raise and educate many hundreds of students from the “History of Aaron”, to whom he was connected, when all his worries were for their good and well-being.

His funeral will take place tonight at 11:30 PM at the Shamgar Funeral Home, and will head to Mount of Beatitudes, where Whitman


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