Director General of the Child Welfare Council: “Prime Minister’s statement important but not enough to promote legislation”


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The director general of the Child Welfare Council, Adv. Vered Windman, referred to the Prime Minister’s remarks tonight regarding the abuse of toddlers in early childhood settings: “The Prime Minister’s statement regarding the issue of toddler abuse conveys an important message. At the same time, it is not enough to promote further legislation, while existing legislation designed to prevent the abuse of toddlers in advance is delayed by the government or not implemented by it. The prime minister should, along with promoting the aggravation of punishment, take care of the allocation of resources for the immediate implementation of the Early Childhood Framework Supervision Law, and prevent the postponement of the implementation of the Cameras Law as the Ministry of Finance seeks to do under the Arrangements Law.

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03/08/2020 23:35


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