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The audience seemed to have to get used to the dry humor in it Promenade, in which Diederik Ebbinge, together with Henry van Loon, Eva Crutzen and Ton Kas, disparages current affairs and the talk shows in which these are discussed. However, the last episode closed with more than 700,000 viewers. Whether the new series will make it again is no matter what – Ebbinge Promenade concurrent Summer guests but surpasses.

“I would be delighted if we had higher ratings Summer guests and we manage to topple that institute, “the presenter, comedian and actor told NU.nl.” I don’t really care about the rest. ”

Responding to this it sums up Promenade– four of them broadcast the most recent every week Summer guestsdelivery together. “We are right across it in the programming and make that summary so people can say: Summer guests I don’t have to look anymore. ”

In the spring, Ebbinge and his regular guests, comedians Van Loon, Crutzen and Kas, heard that broadcaster NTR gave the green light for a second season. “We started full load again last week,” says Ebbinge. “The editors are much larger than last year, but that’s because we now have to be 1.5 meters apart. Working in that chicken coop at the time is no longer possible.”

In terms of content, the weekly show does not have to be changed due to the one and a half meter rules. “We were already corona proof before the situation was there, very avant-garde.”

‘Giving viewers a really nice summer evening feeling’

Unlike the first series, which started in December 2019, the show is now airing in the summer. “We really want to give viewers a nice summer evening feeling,” explains the presenter. “We are going to do it slightly different than the people of us are used to. It is more laidback: with the feet in the sand, a cocktail in hand. It has been such a tough time now. But that is of course also due Ton, Eva and Henry, I don’t know if they think the same way. ”

Promenade will cover a variety of topics just like last season. “We can’t escape corona and Black Lives Matter, since Henry is an active BLM activist. Also, the big mess will On 1 definitely review. There is no duo left of the duos they started with. And of course we aim our arrows at the ins and outs of the celebrities, because without them you will not have a television. ”

“Want to continue this for a long time”

Ebbinge is known to the general public for his role as director Anton in The Lice Mother. However, he does not participate in the film that is currently being made of the successful comedy series. “Because I don’t want to milk the success and would like to stop at the peak,” he said in conversation with Volkskrant Magazine.

He has no intention of dealing with Promenade do the same. “I do have the ambitions to continue with this if the NPO doesn’t allow it and the viewing figures don’t drop below the bare minimum,” says Ebbinge. “I am attached to it now.”

“It is one of the best things I have done, it is really a party. I have done a lot in life, but this gives me the same feeling as I had with De Vliegende Panters (the cabaret group that Ebbinge was part of until 2008). It is a pond in which I can do everything, I will not be blown back. That is really delicious. ”

Promenade can be seen on NPO3 every Sunday at 21:15 from August 2 for seven weeks.


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