Dictator Belarus Lukashenko: “We will not allow the country to be torn apart”


Belarussian ruler Alexander Lukashenko said today (Monday) that the authorities should not allow the country to be torn apart by instability, following huge demonstrations held during the night. The opposition rejected the results of the official election, according to which Lukashenko won 80% of the vote and promised to continue the protest.

According to the country’s Interior Ministry, about 3,000 protesters were arrested after the election. According to human rights organizations, more than 1,300 people were arrested after the election while the regime acted to suppress the opposition.

According to the results released this morning by the authorities, Lukashenko received 80% of the vote, while his main rival – former English teacher Svetlana Tihanskaya, won only 9.9%. Opponents of the regime allege widespread forgery against someone who entered the race only after her husband, an anti-government blogger who planned to run on his own, was sent to prison. “The authorities are not listening to us. The authorities need to think of ways to overthrow the government without violence,” said Tihanuskiya, who claims she is the winner and that there have been widespread vote-rigging.


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