Devin Booker: The Phoenix star equaled LeBron James


Since Devin Booker entered the league, in June 2015, there have been two players leading the league in victory baskets: LeBron James and Booker. Each with three such in this time period. The reference here is to a “pure” victory basket, which leaves 0.0 seconds on the clock and gives the feeling that the world has stopped reigning. ‘Buzzer Bitter’ in English, who wins games and stabs a rival in the heart.

Each player celebrates such a basket differently. Still, it does not happen every day. Some will want to celebrate with their friends, others will be on the secretary’s table, and there’s Devin Booker – with tonight’s basket of victory against the Clippers. After scoring the jumper on the head of Kwai Leonard and Paul George, who set a 115: 117 lead for Phoenix, Boker just lay on the hardwood floor, put his head back and looked up. If he looked really well, he saw there at the end Michael Jordan waiting for him at the top with 9 victory baskets. It may be a long way off, but if you have to bet on someone in the league to approach or overtake MJ, the Phoenix star is a great bet.

So just before we look at the list of the ten players with the most winning baskets in NBA history, let’s recall the crucial baskets of Morning and LeBron since 2015/16, which as mentioned have led the league in this category for the past four years.

Devin Booker:
* Feb. 3, 2017, 103: 105 over Sacramento, a half-distance basket with the board over Matt Barnes.
* March 11, 2017, 98: 100 over Dallas, a half-distance basket over Wesley Matthews.
* Aug. 4, 2020, 115: 117 over the Clippers, a half-distance basket over Kwai Leonard and Paul George.

LeBron James:
* Feb. 8, 2018, 138: 140 over Minnesota, a half-distance basket over Jimmy Butler that reminded me of the famous 2009 basket against Orlando.
* April 26, 2018, 95:98 over Indiana in Game No. 5, three over Thaddeus Young.
* May 6, 2018, 103: 105 over Toronto in Game No. 3, an iconic basket a step and a half from half distance.

And here is the glorious list of the players with the most victory baskets in history. A list that the 23-year-old Boker is expected to join in the not too distant future:
10. Andre Iguodala – 5 victory baskets
9. Gilbert Arenas – 5 win baskets
8. Vince Carter – 5 win baskets
7. Kevin Garnett – 5 win baskets
6. Dwayne Weed – 5 win baskets
5. Paul Pierce – 7 victory baskets
4. LeBron James – 7 wins (four of them from before Devin Booker joined the league)
3. Joe Johnson – 8 win baskets
2. Kobe Bryant – 8 win baskets
1. Michael Jordan – 9 win baskets


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