Developing Android apps for Chromebook just got easier


Google makes it easier for developers to build apps for Chromebook. The company is doing this with a new developer site and emulator to test Android apps on Chrome OS.

Android-apps op Chrome OS

The arrival of Play Store support for Chromebooks six years ago was a significant improvement for users of the Chrome OS operating system. Suddenly they were no longer limited by the smaller and limited range of applications from the Chrome Web Store. Still, not every phone app automatically worked well on Chromebooks, so developers should create custom apps for the platform.

TechCrunch now announces that Google has announced novelties to lend a hand to developers of Chromebook apps. First there is the new ‘ ‘website that should serve as a starting point. Google provides more information about apps for Chrome OS, as well as useful examples and tutorials. Google also uses the platform to make announcements about app development for Chromebooks.


In addition to that website, there will also be an Android Emulator. This makes it possible to test your Andorid apps in a virtual environment on Chrome OS. Apps can be tested and submitted more easily without connecting devices via USB. There will also be an improvement for the Linux beta for Chrome OS that has been active for two years. In addition to Android apps, you can run Linux applications on Chromebooks, Google is now introducing improvements for the Terminal.

With the new tools that Google provides, the company hopes to get more developers enthusiastic about Chrome OS. Hopefully this will also improve the quality of Android apps on Chromebooks, because at the moment it is more ‘hit or miss’. Do you use many Android apps on your Chromebook? Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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