“Despite the problems, we thought it was necessary to broadcast”


Yona Avrushimi Ron Yaron (photo by Abigail Uzi)
The Crimean Minister movement filed a police complaint against Yona Abrushmi over the weekend over incitement to murder, after he said in an interview aired last night on Channel 12’s Friday studio that “there are young people who will go to Balfour, they know what to do.”

Abrushmi who murdered Peace Now activist Emil Grinzweig in 1983 when he threw a spray grenade at him during a demonstration, and did not express remorse for the murder during a Friday studio interview, also called the protesters “bacteria”. He noted that he admired Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and reiterated Netanyahu’s statement that “the protesters are spreading disease.”

The editor of Ulpan Shishi, Ron Yaron, wrote on his Facebook account that “this article turned my stomach already when I saw the raw materials brought by Yigal Mosko. The whole range of feelings for / against its broadcast, we all felt in the Ulpan Shishi system. “It’s worth broadcasting. Not only worthy – a must. If one politician thinks twice before inciting protesters, after seeing how the head of a murderer like Abrushmi works, we have done our part.”

At the same time, the movement sent a letter to the deputy commissioner, Moti Cohen, ahead of tonight’s demonstration, stating that “if Abrushmi is not arrested and there is violence tonight, the demonstrators’ blood will be on the hands of the police.” “We were given a stage to allow blood. There are things that must not be broadcast. “One of the leaders of the Kiryat Minster protest movement, Yishai Hadas, filed the complaint with the Kfar Saba police against Yona Abrushmi.

Journalist Yigal Mosko’s article aired on Studio Friday. Moscow even shared the article on his Twitter account with the caption: “Anonymous from the Dark. A glimpse into the head of a protesting killer: Jonah Abrushmi, the grenade thrower who killed Emil Grinzweig, no longer fakes remorse.”

Journalist Barak Ravid published Moscow’s tweet with the caption: “The next Abrushmi is walking our sons, the only question is when he will kill.”

Journalist Yoav Limor posted on his Twitter that “(News 12) is doing the right thing by broadcasting the chilling interview with the killer Yona Abrushmi. Let everyone know who and what we are facing. No masks, no beautification and no late and false regrets. The truth. In all its ugliness, and in all its dangers. “.

The “Kreim Ministek” movement said: “The abominable murderer Abrushmi has shed the blood of citizens who are legitimately and non-violently protesting against the government. We demand that the police stop him urgently and send a clear message of deterrence and zero tolerance to the young people he encouraged. Abrushmi admires Netanyahu. “In a reformed country, the prime minister would have immediately condemned the killer, but in Israel in 2020, incitement will begin in Balfour.

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