Despite the corona: Tens of thousands of Muslims were allowed to pray on the mountain


On Wednesday, Tu B’Av, the police rigidly adhered to the Korona procedures and refused to allow a Jewish bride to ascend the Temple Mount. This is because the Jewish group that was about to enter the gate already numbered twenty people – a maximum number of Jews on the mountain these days. That the bride did not have to dry herself at the entrance to the mountain for a long time on her wedding day.

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And while at the only entrance terminal designated for Jews on the mountain they bargain for a single entrance ticket, tens of thousands of Muslims flock to the sacred compound without restriction and often without masks. This has been happening every Friday since the reopening of the mountain, and is especially true for last Friday, the Feast of Sacrifice. According to the director of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Omar al-Kiswani, 27,000 people gathered there for the opening of the Islamic festival.

The Kaaba in Saudi Arabia celebrated the Feast of Sacrifice, where only a few were allowed to enter the compound. At the same time, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is flooded by masses as if there is no corona in the world and no rule in Israel

Prayer in Kaaba within the limits of the corona, Mecca. Photo: AFP

We will not discuss here the huge sign that Hamas placed on the Dome of the Rock plaza on that occasion, in which it congratulated the terrorists imprisoned in Israel on the occasion of the holiday, and also called for the continuation of the conflict with Israel in the Mercy Gate compound. We just wondered why while the synagogues in Israel continue to be subject to severe restrictions that are arbitrary and exist in the nearby Western Wall plaza, and these are applied even to the Jewish immigrants to the mountain – Muslims there receive a sweeping exemption from compliance with health directives.

It turns out that this is a very difficult question. This is the only way to explain why inquiries on the matter, which were already submitted on Monday to the spokeswoman of the Israel Police, the spokesman for the Ministry of Internal Security, the personal spokesman of Minister Amir Ohana and the spokeswoman for the Prime Minister’s Office, did not receive any official response. Some of the speakers tried to convince me that the responsibility was not to develop them, and this was thrown more than once from one speaker to another.

The prayer of the Muslims on the Temple Mount, about a week ago. Photo: AFP

In the absence of a response, the answer seems obvious – the Netanyahu government does not intend to enforce the Corona regulations on the Temple Mount, just as it refrains from enforcing many other laws there. Anyone who did not prosecute any of the Waqf members after removing 400 dirt trucks from the mountain in the fall of 1999 – but instead exhausted the sentence with a Jewish groom who took some dirt from there to put on his wedding day as usual, continues the policy of selective enforcement in the holy place in the world. .

The lawlessness that prevails at this site in the heart of the Israeli capital can be clearly seen when you see how the Feast of Sacrifice was celebrated in the Kaaba in Mecca, where only a few were allowed to enter the compound. At the same time, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is flooded by masses as if there is no corona in the world and no rule in Israel. Grammar as a hair’s breadth is reserved for tiny congregations of observant Jews there, because it is not easy to enforce the law on those who obey it anyway. Because the national struggle to prevent the spread of the plague is a top priority, but maintaining exclusive Arab control over the holy place in the world is more important.


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