Despite coronavirus, X-Men spin-off ‘The New Mutants’ will soon be in the cinema


For a long time, The New Mutants seemed to have a dark future. The film was postponed several times, re-recordings were made and eventually many doubted whether the film would ever be released again. Now, despite the current crisis, the film is just getting there!First the film was to be released in 2018, then it was moved to 2019. Then Fox, who initially developed the movie, was acquired by Disney. This made the future uncertain again. In April this year it finally had to happen for the film, but due to the corona virus, the film was postponed again until late summer. This time, Disney confirmed that the X-Men spin-off is now going to come, despite the fact that most of the cinemas in the US are closed.

Extensive mail to cinema operators
In the US, Disney has apparently recently sent an extensive email to its cinema operators that the film is really going to be made this time and that tickets may be sold. For a long time it was believed that the film would simply be released via Disney +. However, it appears that the old Fox contracts prevented this. Under these contracts, the film is supposed to debut in theaters and won’t be allowed to appear on streaming services until after two years. That is why it will be more interesting for Disney to just release the film during this severe weather, given that it cannot be released on Disney + until 2022.

In the Netherlands, the film can be seen in the cinemas from 2 September, at least that seems to be the intention this time. Or will a rabbit come out of the hat again? We will know soon!


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