Descending Low: On the Conflict Between Lillard and George


5 .. 4 .. 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. “And it’s inside! On the buzzer! Damien Lillard, are you kidding me ?!”. These were the words of TNT Brian Anderson After Damien Lillard’s crazy basket over Paul George in Game 5 last season, which sent Oklahoma City home. What Anderson did not know, is that he is transmitting the opening shot to the most intriguing rivalry in the NBA, which has long since left the field.

“It was a bad shot,” he said George After that historic basket by Lillard in April 2019. Guard Portland did not remain obligated and replied, “It’s a good shot. If he says that, he does not really know how to lose with dignity. If anything, it was a weak defense. I had the ball in my hands for 2 seconds. In the end, I would not enter the basket, so maybe he should have just clung to me. ”

The basketball gods wanted another chapter to be written in this story between the two stars, and that’s exactly what happened in the bubble. As a reminder of Portland’s 122-117 loss to the Clippers last week, Damian Lillard (89% of career penalties) missed two shots from the line that could have put the Trail-Blazers up 18.6 seconds to go, and also missed an opportunity to send the game into overtime in a subsequent pass. Patrick Beverly watched the rare play from the bench, and could not stop his laughter.

Here, too, Lillard had something to say: “I already sent Patrick Beverly home (three on the buzzer in Game 6 against Houston in 2014), and I sent Paul George home in the last playoff. So they know (how it feels). They behave. “That’s because of what they expect from me. It’s a sign of respect. I’m not hurt by that.”

The reactions from the Clippers duo, were not long in coming: “Cancun (a resort town in Mexico) in my three counts,” Beverly said, while George wrote, “And you’re going home this year. Respect.” And it went on, this time Lillard’s turn: “Keep changing Paul George teams. Get away from the hard work. You idiots.” The Clippers’ forward added a little more fire to the fire: “Shapo Damian. I also had more success in my first team in my career (Indiana) .. ‘Time Time’ is over bro.”

If you thought this conflict remained in the bubble, think again. “It’s getting personal, I do not care,” she said Lenny LillardDamien’s sister, who joined the celebration: “I said earlier that I will not get into this conflict with Paul George and Patrick Beverly because everyone knows what mouth I have and why he is capable. But if they want to take it to Instagram, I will start talking. Because you Can’t speak. Getting a stripper pregnant … Look at her lips … Look at her face … “. PG’s partner Daniela Rezic She responded on Instagram to Lillard’s sister: “Someone stop this cow.”

The two’s relationship did not always look like this. In the summer of 2017, she saw more beautiful days. Damien Lillard was asked what free agent he would like to see in Portland, and he answered Paul George. The last one who of course chose OKC, ironically, ended his time in Oklahoma City when he was ousted by Lillard. What awaits us in the future with this rivalry? Only days will tell …


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