Derksen gives away salary: ‘Then Johan says: there you have the director again’


Johan Derksen donates half of the salary he earns at Veronica Inside to a dog pension in Almere and the Support Casper Foundation. Sjoerd Zwanenburg, director of the foundation, calls the commitment ‘very special’.

Support Casper Foundation, from surgeon Casper van Eijck, has been researching pancreatic cancer for years. Derksen likes to contribute. “It is a side of him that may not be so prominent. Johan says what he thinks, that’s how we know him. But he has a small heart,” Zwanenburg tells Algemeen Dagblad.

There is no official settlement with Derksen. “There never was. He just transferred an amount in the past, that will be no different now. I have no contact with him about that. If I interfere with that, Johan says: There you have the director again.”

Derksen has a special relationship with the foundation. He previously worked with a benefit for Support Casper in the New Luxor. “Johan’s fee then went entirely to the foundation,” says Zwanenburg. “But also, for example, when he shot a commercial for TOTO. He transferred everything he earned before that to us.”


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