Demonstrations throughout the country and vigilance in the Israel Police in preparation for a huge demonstration in Balfour


Horev Junction – Ahuza Haifa (Photo: Gilit Viskor)
Nahariya (Photo: Nurit Barkai)

Saturday of protests. Thousands crowded this (Saturday) afternoon until the evening hours in which]the poor blacks condemned a prime minister accused of crimes. Protesters at dozens and hundreds of intersections and bridges across the country called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign immediately. At around 6:30 PM, Israeli police arrested three suspects who were traveling in a vehicle on Road 34, and when they arrived at the Sderot junction, they sprayed water on the demonstrators standing at the junction. Police officers who were nearby identified the vehicle with the suspects and within seconds arrested them at the Sha’ar Hanegev junction. The three, in the 1920s, residents of Be’er Sheva, were detained and taken for questioning by the Sderot police. At the Ashkelon junction, a man was arrested who approached the demonstrators, cursed at them and spat at them. According to the “Black Flags” organization, tens of thousands demonstrated at about 300 intersections and bridges across the country for the sixth week in a row. “This week we were exposed to how far the accused is willing to go against the people of Israel for his interests. The incitement and hatred that comes out of Balfour towards citizenship and citizens is further proof that he is incompetent. The violence that comes out of Balfour will not scare us. “The entire people of Israel deserve leadership that works for the people and not for tax benefits, not for cutting coupons from vessel and submarine deals – leadership that is engaged from morning to evening in resolving the economic health crisis. We will continue every week – until Bibi resigns,” the organization said.

Demonstrations begin in Balfour. Protesters flow (Photo: Israel Police)

Balfour – Photo: Tzipi Menashe
Charles Clore Garden Tel Aviv (Photo: Dan Bar Dov)
Caesarea: (Photo: Israel Police)
Women in Yellow – Balfour (Photo: Tzipi Menashe)

In Caesarea, more than a thousand demonstrators gathered in complexes designated by the police for a demonstration against Netanyahu, who is staying at his private villa. The police said that the Israel Police was preparing for the protest that will take place tonight in Caesarea, in order to maintain public peace and security, traffic arrangements and maintain public order there. Attempts by the Yishuv Committee to close the entrance to Caesarea in order to stop the demonstrators were met with a refusal by the police, who announced that the access roads to and from the Yishuv would remain open to the demonstrators.

The Halacha Bridge (Photo: Rafi Michaeli)

Protest women gathered under the heading Women in Yellow (Luminous Vest) – Mothers Against Police Violence, announced that they are standing in Balfour for a chain of yellow mothers revolving around police officers. “For every mother policeman,” the women said, “when our children have no horizon, we, the mothers, have nothing to lose. We will paint Balfour yellow.” A megaphone photographer reported that Road 4 leading to Jerusalem was congested with the movement of vehicles with black flags moving in the direction of Jerusalem. In Jerusalem, a procession of demonstrators marching over 25 km will depart from Balfour at 22:00. Leading to these streets and there may be traffic disruptions in the downtown area.

Balfour – demonstrates against verification and incitement (Photo: Tzipi Menashe)


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