Demonstrations in Lebanon continue: “We will not forget until the hanging ropes are lifted”


Demonstrations in Lebanon against the authorities continue today (Tuesday) despite the resignation of Prime Minister Hassan Diab yesterday. The protesters, who stood for a minute of silence in memory of the 171 victims of the disaster at the port, are demanding the replacement of the entire ruling elite, whom they accuse of corruption that has destroyed the country.

According to the French ambassador to the country, who toured the site with French experts supporting the blast investigation, a crater with a radius of more than a hundred meters remains across platform number 9. 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, negligently stored for about seven years in port despite warnings from various sources, one two weeks before the blast. Last week extensive parts of Beirut. About 6,000 people were injured and hundreds of thousands were left homeless.

The demonstration, under the slogan “First bury the authorities”, took place a day after Diab, a professor who accepted the position but last January with the support of Hezbollah, announced the resignation of the government. He blamed chronic corruption in Lebanon for the blast, the largest in the history of Beirut to the extent of the wars and terrorist attacks. It happened at a time when the country was already in the midst of a deep economic crisis, during which the pound collapsed, the banking system was silenced and the prices of basic goods rose sharply.

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