Demonstrations against Netanyahu in Jerusalem and Caesarea – News in Israel


Thousands of left-wing activists are demonstrating at various intersections across the country in protest of the conduct of the government and its leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Due to a protest in Jerusalem, the police blocked the following streets in the capital: Ben Maimon / Gaza to Paris Square, Paris Square Junction, Keren Hayesod, King George and Agron.

The Black Flags issued a statement linking the deal to the UAE: “While TV studios will report on the flight schedule of the accused and his family to luxury hotels in the UAE, tens of thousands of citizens will go out today to protest against the accused for which they are without a livelihood. The joining of the independent organizations tonight proves how difficult the distress is – a distress that the defendant was not interested in for a second. He only dealt with tax benefits, his trial and flights to luxury hotels. ”

“Every day, Netanyahu proves in office what he himself has determined: a criminal accused cannot serve as prime minister,” the Black Flags also said. “He is busy with everything except managing the biggest economic crisis in the country’s history. We will not give up until Bibi resigns.”


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