Demonstrations against Netanyahu and government corruption; 4 were detained due to violence


Three young men were detained tonight (Saturday) on suspicion of spraying water on anti-government protesters standing at an intersection on Road 34. Police officers who were nearby identified their vehicle, and within seconds arrested the suspects at the Sha’ar Hanegev intersection. The three, residents of Be’er Sheva in their 20s, were detained and taken for questioning by the Sderot police. In another incident, a young man in his 20s was arrested at the Ashkelon junction on Road 4, after standing with the demonstrators and at a certain point he started spitting at them, shouting and cursing at them. Police officers who were at the scene detained him, and after he continued cursing and rioting, he was arrested for questioning by the Ashkelon police. The demonstrators who were attacked are taking part in one of a series of demonstrations that are being held tonight at about 260 intersections across the country.

Later in the evening, larger demonstrations will be held against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and government corruption in front of the Prime Minister’s residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem and in front of Netanyahu’s private home in Caesarea. At the same time, a demonstration will also be held at the Charles Clore Garden in Tel Aviv.

The “Black Flags” movement last night appealed to Acting Commissioner Moti Cohen to secure the protesters in the various centers, following a series of attacks last week. The movement said that “this week we were exposed to how far the accused is willing to go against the people of Israel for his own interests. The incitement and hatred that comes out of Balfour towards citizenship and citizens is further proof that he is unfit for the job.” They added that “the violence coming out of Balfour will not scare us, the more they incite so we grow, the more they attack us the more we will break out”.


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