Demonstration of black flags: Police are conducting protest rallies


Preparing for the protest: Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Saturday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck, and wounded three others. Police officers who were nearby identified the vehicle with the suspects and arrested them at the intersection. The three, in their 20s, residents of Be’er Sheva, were detained and taken for questioning by the Sderot police.

Earlier, police forces began preparing for the protests that will take place tonight in various centers around the country. In light of a request submitted by the protesters, calling for a procession in Tel Aviv during the demonstration, the police examined and approved their request, in accordance with the preconditions agreed with the organizers.

According to the summary, the police blocked the following streets for the purpose of the procession: King George, Hillel, Mishneh Ben Israel and Agron. Also, the streets leading to the said streets were blocked, and there may be extensive traffic disruptions that will be felt mainly in the downtown area.

The events will also take place in other centers, including about 300 bridges and intersections throughout the country, in front of the Prime Minister’s Residence in Balfour and in front of Netanyahu’s home in Caesarea. The protesters at the event are expected to hold a special tribute, and hand out thousands of flowers to police officers guarding the demonstration.

According to the organizers of the unique initiative, the purpose of this gesture is to emphasize the existing desire to hold the demonstration without violence. “This is a gesture born out of respect for upholding the language of the law and showing respect for police work,” the organizers said in a statement.

Black Flags Protest: Kibbutz Einat (Photo: Police Spokeswoman)
Demonstration in front of the Prime Minister's House in Caesarea (Photo: Black Flags Spokeswoman)Demonstration in front of the Prime Minister’s House in Caesarea (Photo: Black Flags Spokeswoman)

At this time, thousands of citizens marched at intersections across the country, calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign. This is the sixth week that the black flags are being held. Organizers said: “This week we have been exposed to how far the accused is willing to go against the people, for his own interests. The incitement and hatred coming out of Balfour towards the citizens is further proof that he is unfit for the job.”

Meanwhile, during the demonstration of the self-employed and unemployed of the Cabinet of Hope in Charles Clore in Tel Aviv, the following artists will take part: Esti Zakheim, Chairman of Shaham, Dotan Sofer, Chairman of the Cabinet of Hope, Dan Toren, Miro, Moshik Glamine, Eli Bizawi and others . The chairman of the Cabinet of Hope stated that “Prime Minister – the economic destruction on your conscience. Stop wasting time and messing around with nonsense. The self-employed, restaurateurs, cultural figures in Israel demand a plan to save more than a million self-employed and unemployed people who are doomed to economic destruction, because of your hysterical and stuttering policy. We will all demonstrate tonight, because otherwise the government’s disregard will bury us all financially. ”

As will be recalled, there have recently been extensive demonstrations across the country, going against the conduct of the government during the Corona crisis. This week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the protesters, asking them to postpone the demonstrations during Tisha B’Av. The mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon, joined his request and asked to consider the city’s residents and the security forces.

The black flags, which are behind the protests, rejected the requests and responded: “The demonstrations will take place this weekend as planned. We will ask the mayor of Jerusalem to demand that the police secure the demonstrators, preserve their democratic right to demonstrate Netanyahu. ”

Demonstration in Balfour against Netanyahu (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)Demonstration in Balfour against Netanyahu (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)


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