Demonstrating Culture: An evening of culture that is a whole lesson in protest


Arik Aver, the spoken word guru in Israel, is tired of waiting for the government to understand that culture is an essential commodity and to offer an outline that will allow it to exist in the days of the Corona. So he decided to prove it to her that this coming Thursday (6.8) he would be holding a Spoken Word protest event outdoors, taking advantage of a rather clever loophole.

“This is a demonstration approved by the police and the Tel Aviv Municipality. The event is a protest, but in fact it is a cultural event. It is absurd in fact – that the event itself is a protest. It is not an economic issue, but a matter of doing and consuming culture, which is what I suddenly lack.”

How will you follow the guidelines?
“I’m going to make a big effort. I bought 700 meters of rope and I’ll create 3.5 meters of circles on the grass around the park so people can just sit in them. As the facilitator I will guide the crowd and say that whoever has nowhere to sit will continue to walk, so they will not gather. “On masks and distance. There will be two microphones – while one artist speaks, the other microphone will be disinfected. This reality is not going to change any time soon, and it’s time to act on it.”

“Cultural Demonstrators” will take place in Kiryat Sefer Park in Tel Aviv, and the list of performers is constantly being updated. Artists from the Poetry Slam scene will take the stage, including Amir Harash (Ketvan Alef), Assaf Shenhav, Gilad Blum, Daniel Weil, Tamir Aharoni, Noa Goren and Alma Kini. At the end of the event the microphone will remain open to spontaneous poets from the audience.

← “Culture Demonstrators” by Poetry Slam Israel from the Incubator Theater, Kiryat Sefer Park, Tel Aviv, Thursday (6.8) 19:30. free admission. For the event


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