Demi Moore “changed herself to make marriage work” NOW


Demi Moore has been married three times and each time she changed herself to make the marriage work. In the end, she herself became very unhappy, she says The Jess Cagle Show.

“I changed myself so many times to fit the picture that I thought someone else wanted to,” said Moore. According to the 57-year-old actress, people are conditioned to want to meet the wishes of others, but “they shouldn’t have their own desires.”

She now realizes that this has been the wrong approach. “I think it’s a process – not to sound cliché – to love yourself,” she explains. “Accept who you are the way you are.”

“Solve your problems instead of running away from them”

Moore also said she thinks it is “commendable” when a couple works for their relationship and people solve their problems instead of running away from them. “In our throwaway society, it is praiseworthy to honor the love that brought you together and do your utmost to maintain it.”

Moore has been married three times in her life. First with musician Freddy Moore (1980 to 1985), then with actor Bruce Willis (1987 to 2000) and most recently with actor Ashton Kutcher (2005 to 2013). With Willis, the actress had three daughters.


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