Demanded in prison for placing fake explosive Jewish restaurant HaCarmel in Amsterdam | Inland


The 46-year-old N. was visibly destroyed by the many hard drugs he used in his life. But his voice was strong. He has denied having anything to do with the fake bomb since his arrest. But the evidence against him is piling up, according to the file.

N., who says he has had his life in order for about five years with a roof over his head, work and a living supervisor, said he knew the box containing the fake bomb. The cardboard was on the porch of HaCarmel early in the morning of January 15th. Instead of Heineken tulip glasses, which according to the outside had once been inside, there was a kind of fabricated system with a slide and a switch, three protruding wires, a button cell battery and a printed circuit board.

“That box was on top of the kitchen for a while,” explained N. “I filled it with dirt, including wires and leaves from the balcony, and at the beginning of January I took it outside to throw it away. To be on the safe side had it taped up. But the container was full or the valve jammed, but I placed it next to it. ”

Who placed the box at HaCarmel?

He could therefore not tell who placed the box at HaCarmel on January 14 in the evening at around 11:30, N. told the court. With his story he did explain how his DNA got on the tape around the box and how a mixing profile was found inside the box. “But I really don’t know anything about it.

During the investigation, a letter from January 2019 surfaced. At the time, it was lying on the sidewalk of a neighbor of N. It was very anti-Semitic in tone. “Bitch think of your son, dead to the Jewess, watch your words, before I burn you alive,” it said. It was concluded with ‘Adolf 2019’ and swastikas. A handwriting specialist stated that N. is “likely” to be the writer of the letter. His DNA was also found on the paper.

Lawyer Herman Loonstein of the Baron family stated that the umpteenth lawsuit around HaCarmel must end with the denial of anti-Semitic motives. As if HaCarmel is ‘just chosen’. “I don’t even have to introduce this family to you, we’ve been here so often. This fake bomb literally became world news. And it is not finished yet, because next week we are back for the next attack, which took place four months after, in which the windows were again broken and an attempt was made to set the Israeli flag on fire. ”

‘Police went too far’

But N. insists that he would never act out of anti-Semitist motives. His counsel noted that the police were going too far in getting this case around. For example, N. would have been heard without a lawyer on 14 May, while he himself insisted on it and also reported that he did not feel well and wanted to stop the interrogation. The judge specifically wanted to hear from the public prosecutor why the interrogation was not paused at that time. “Because we asked further and he answered,” was the answer.

The court will rule on August 26.


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