Delphine Boël: ‘I was on a black list of terrorists for years’ | Entertainment


Because of that black list, the bank account of Boël closed and had problems traveling. Her children also suffered from it. “My children are half American. Because of that list they could not later borrow money, buy an apartment or a car. I couldn’t even open a savings account for my eleven-year-old son … ”

“But that’s not the only reason why I started that process. The main reason was that I never wanted my kids to have to ask where they come from. I would have done exactly the same if my father had been a zoo owner or even a criminal, ”said Boël.

Long gone

Despite the recognition of King Albert, the case is not yet a closed book for Boël. “I am happy to see how healthy the Belgian justice system is. But I still have to digest everything first. Because it was a long way. It was something I don’t think should have happened. I cannot say that I am happy now. ”

The court of appeal has yet to formally establish the fatherhood of King Albert. This is expected to happen in September.


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