Decreased adhesion, Increased respiratory rate The numbers lie? all the details


713 new verified in the last day, increase in the number of respirators and deaths, overcrowding and budget problems in hospitals

Corona update: According to data from the Ministry of Health, 713 new verifications were found in the last day. Today in Israel there are 25,167 active patients, of whom 24,684 are in mild condition, 149 in moderate condition, 334 patients in severe condition and of them 100 are respirated. The death toll stands at 541 people (3 new deaths at midnight). 73,231 people have been infected with the coronavirus since the outbreak of the plague, of which 47,523 recoveries so far (66 new midnight recoverers).

Following a decrease in the number of new infections every day, voices are heard from senior officials that the State of Israel is nearing the end of the second wave. However, along with a decrease in the number of people infected, the number of respirators and deaths is increasing every day. At a press conference held by the Prime Minister he said that following the guidelines and emphasizing the wearing of a mask, these are the measures that will help us eradicate the corona virus.

The Corona Cabinet will convene today (Monday) to discuss the “red cities” in which Beitar Illit and Elad are estimated to be declared a “restricted area”, and a total ban will be imposed on gatherings and store opening, but work will be allowed. Prof. Itamar Grotto, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health, said today: “In ultra-Orthodox cities, the decrease in the number of patients is slower, but it exists, we see positive signs. We must also remember that there is a decrease in the number of tests. With the mayors and not forced on them contrary to their opinion. ”

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Earlier it was reported that the director of Magen Israel, Prof. Roni Gamzo, held discussions with the relevant authorities yesterday in order to get an up-to-date picture of the decision to approve the entry into Israel of 17,000 students and yeshiva students coming to Israel for a long time in the coming months. According to the data presented at the meeting, there are up to 2,000 students attending university studies, up to 12,000 yeshiva students, up to 5,000 participants in the Masa project, about 500 participants in the Na’aleh project and about 1,500 in private institutions.

The decision is to allow yeshiva students and students to enter and enter the country only to institutions approved by the Ministry of Health and which undertake to meet two weeks of isolation in capsules of up to 6, so far 31 institutions out of 183 submitted have been approved. Institutions commit to this ”

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Hospitals suffer from heavy workloads due to hospitalization of corona patients and acute budget problems. During a discussion in the committee chaired by MK Ofer Shelach held today (Monday) on the issue of hospital congestion due to the Corona crisis, Hadassah Hospital Director General Prof. Rothstein said: And the health authorities also agreed on the amounts we will receive – even five months from the outbreak of the crisis. Because they imposed a closure on Israel and did not reach the hospital and due to medical tourism – the total damage to the hospital, is over 200 million shekels. We try to run the hospital fully, but it is not possible because we have a staff. Unfortunately we fail to provide service to Corona patients And to the other patients.
The government left the agreement to give a discount of 600 million shekels to the health funds. It should first thing stop. Today, the right hand does not speak with the left hand. There is no budget and we do not hire nurses and doctors. We sent 250 workers to the IDF because there is no budget. ”


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