Decorating Christmas trees in the scorching heat: garden center Oosteind is already busy with the Christmas show


Unpack snowmen and baubles at over 35 degrees. Even though code orange applies in our province due to extreme weather, at AVRI Flower and Garden Center in Oosteind they are still busy with the Christmas show. “Wonderfully refreshing.”

More than two thousand square meters must be transformed into a true Christmas paradise. 350 pallets full of Christmas items have been ordered for this. “Customers think it is strange that we are already working on this heat,” laughs employee Lian Stokx. “We still have to keep going, otherwise we won’t be ready on time.”

And so the employees move between Christmas houses and fake snow during the super heat wave. Or the Christmas trees provide a bit of psychological cooling? “No, it is actually impossible to bear”, says employee Petra Berkhout. “Nevertheless, we do it with love and pleasure.”

Watch in the video what the Christmas show looks like with 35 degrees:

“You just have to be crazy about this”, Petra emphasizes. And that’s all right, because she even came to work during her vacation to build. “It’s your passion and you just want to keep going.” By the way, they don’t have air conditioning. “We can stand in the cooler of the flowers”, she laughs.

The garden center in Dongen has had a Christmas show for over ten years. “It once started with a small corner, but now it is really a family outing”, Liam continues. “The big attraction is the Eftelingdorp.” For example, life-size Efteling figures can be admired in the store, such as Pardoes, Langnek and Kleine Boodschap. There will also be a large water show.

The Christmas shows are an important source of income for the larger garden centers. For AVRI the show is good for 200,000 visitors annually. The show previously attracted national attention, when Famke Louise and Ronnie Flex recorded a clip there. Competitor Intratuin has its largest show in Halsteren, good for half a million visitors. There is also plenty of construction going on there.

The ladies at the AVRI are busy with Christmas almost all year round. At the beginning of January the duo will already start purchasing, inventing and planning. They will begin building the show in mid-June, which will open to the public on October 3. And what if Christmas is over? Petra: “Then we can already start Easter.”

Last year the complete show of the Indian water lilies could be admired. This year there will be another water show.


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