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Former 50PLUS figurehead Henk Krol appears to have gone wild as party chairman of his former party, this must be the conclusion after an internal note about his declaration behavior by the NRC Handelsblad is revealed. Graaiopa Henk declared everything from stroopwafels to private outings.

As a party leader of a party in the House of Representatives, you receive a lot of money. You earn about 100,000 euros per year – not a bad amount, so. But for Henk Krol (ex-50PLUS) that was apparently not enough, it is possible NRC Handelsblad conclude on the basis of a report that his former party 50PLUS had drawn up on the total of the scuppers of the elder driver from Noord-Brabant, who nowadays refers to the new errand boy of the failed banker Henk Otten. The NRC:

“A batch of syrup waffles worth 43 euros. A lawyer bill of 758 euros. Mileage claims for private trips. And promotional gifts worth 113.80 euros: former party chairman of 50Plus Henk Krol was presented last March, just before his departure from that party, a curious list of declarations from the party board. And questions about why those declarations to the party. And about its legality. “

Money grubber Henk had found a way to increase his generous income: he submitted all kinds of declarations to the party that had little or nothing to do with his activities. The party did not have to pay them, but he could then deduct them from the tax. A win-win situation for uncle Henk who insisted not to violate the rules, but could continue to play the rich sugar daddy a little more.

However, a professor of constitutional law tells in the same newspaper that Henk’s declarations were not as kosher as he made them appear: “This, according to Elzinga, quickly creates a picture of “stealth, double declarations and vulnerabilities that a Member of Parliament cannot afford,” he writes.

The affair came to an end when both the party board and Henk Krol left 50PLUS. The new board does not have the information, but Henk the syrup waffle declaration king is now safe and sound again at Henk Ottens Party for the Future. Where, no doubt, he can declare himself another ten strokes in the round.

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