Deceuninck-Quick-Step files a complaint with UCI and the Polish police


Deceuninck-Quick-Step files a complaint with UCI and the Polish police

Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 12:10 PM

Patrick Lefevere remains behind his sharp words that he sent out into the world yesterday after the dramatic incident between Dylan Groenewegen and Fabio Jakobsen. “I do not understand the action of Groenewegen, the team will file a complaint with the police of Poland,” he tells BELGIAN.

The first stage of the Tour of Poland ended in a major low for cycling. Due to an illegal action by Groenewegen, Jakobsen ended up in the crush barriers. With all its consequences. Dutch champion Jakobsen was taken to hospital with serious facial injuries, where he was placed in an artificial coma.

“I am still very angry and stay behind those twitter messages. This was a very dirty action by Groenewegen. Wednesday I saw the images on my phone. Actually, I’ve watched that sprint dozens of times. I have no understanding whatsoever for Groenewegen’s action ”, Lefevere says a day later.


“A rider has to stay on his line. He starts the sprint in the middle and he can choose his line as the first sprinter, of course. But then it goes categorically to the right and even more to the right. He sees Fabio coming and then sticks out another elbow. ”

“Groenewegen actually almost lies on Fabio, so that he loses his balance and falls against the nadar. He is really being smeared there. There is no understanding for this, this is an attack. He really drives Fabio into the nadar. Fabio was waiting until the last 50 meters, without the action of Groenewegen he flies past him. ”

Filed a complaint
So no, I am not taking back my words from last night. A complaint has already been filed with the UCI and the team will do the same in Poland to the police. I think I should make a complaint here, you can’t let this pass you by and then you should do it on the spot where the accident happened. ”


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