Dead baby Haaksbergen: gruesome details during the first lawsuit


Not only does the Public Prosecution Service assume that the woman strangled her newborn son Ivo with the belt of her bathrobe, but it also became clear that the baby had an eight centimeter fracture of the skull.

The mother has been on remand for months after taking her son to the hospital in Enschede the night before Easter with her partner. The injuries were such that doctors immediately raised the alarm.

As mentioned, the mother had to appear in public for the first time this morning, but chose not to attend this so-called pro forma hearing. However, this morning justice made public what the suspicions against women are based on.

Bathrobe washed
For example, during a first search, the mother’s bathrobe was discovered in the washing machine. The garment had already been washed for the first time, so that no more DNA traces could be found. Incidentally, according to the judicial authorities, the mother intended to wash the bathrobe a second time.

Sausage spores
The prosecution suspects that the woman strangled baby Ivo with the belt of her bathrobe. In doing so, the justice system relies on the diamond motif of the bathrobe, which corresponds to the strangulation marks found on the baby’s neck. In addition, the victim had a bruise on the tongue. According to the OM, this indicates strangulation.

Injuries to the head
Justice also announced that the baby had an eight centimeter fracture in the skull. Injuries that, according to the judiciary, can only have arisen because the child was hit or fell on the head.

It was also announced this morning that the woman cut the baby’s umbilical cord without tying it off. With the risk that the child would bleed to death. The public prosecutor announced this morning that the infant has indeed lost a lot of blood. According to the judiciary, this is not the cause of death, but it did contribute to the death.

‘Cows and calves’
And then there are some other special circumstances, according to the Public Prosecution Service. For example, around the time of the birth, the mother had sent several texts to friends, but also to her partner, who is believed to be the child’s father. While at that time the contractions must have been in full swing, these apps were about ‘cows and calves’, as the OM called it.

And then it is still strange, according to the judiciary, that the mother drove the baby with her friend to the hospital, while she for example failed to sound the alarm via 112 during childbirth.

Defense search team
Several forensic investigations were carried out in and around the house on Jan Vermeerstraat and a special Defense search team was deployed, which searched the soil up to meters deep with radar equipment. In the interest of the investigation, the Ministry of Justice does not yet want to say whether these investigations have yielded anything.

Liked earlier
As RTV Oost reported earlier, the woman has previously given birth to a baby that has only lived for a short time. According to the judicial authorities, there are no indications that this baby was also killed, but the investigation into this has not yet been fully completed.

By the way, the woman told family and friends that in both cases she did not know she was pregnant. There would be a medical cause for that.

Police hearings
During the trial this morning it became clear that the mother made no confession during the many police interviews. Amongst other things, she told police officers that she could no longer remember everything about that fatal night. Later she showed a less cooperative attitude.

She also remained silent during the video reconstruction. “Find out. That will be clear from the investigations,” she would have told investigators when they confronted her with certain cases, according to prosecutor Karel de Valk this morning.

Moreover, the chance that the woman will later come up with an explanation does not seem too great. Her lawyer Mariska Pekkeriet hinted this morning that the woman does not just accept the scenario outlined by the judiciary. The counselor also left open what her strategy will be during the trial. “I still hold my cards to the chest.”

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Lawyer Mariska PekkerietPsychologically examined
The woman is currently being examined by psychologists and psychiatrists and a so-called environmental study is being held, which means that a profile of the mother is made based on conversations with family and friends.

This report should be ready when the woman returns to court on October 19. Then there is a director’s session. The criminal case will probably be handled substantively at the end of this year or early next year.

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