De Wever and Magnette hold talks with Groen and Ecolo …


Preformers Bart De Wever (N-VA) and Paul Magnette (PS) spent three hours together with Ecolo and Groen on Wednesday afternoon. The ecologists will come back later this week.

With their bubble of five (N-VA, PS, CD&V, SP.A and CDH), the preformers already have 69 seats, 70 if independent Emir Kir continues to vote with his former party PS. They need one more party. The green parties are – certainly for N-VA – not the preferred partner. Conversely, the ecologists found that the memorandum of the preformers had too few green accents. For two days, the N-VA and PS ‘sashas’ explored how they could accommodate them. But according to our sources, that was not quite enough for Ecolo-Green. However, another conversation would follow later in the week.

Preferably, the preformers would in any case continue with Open VLD alone. But they have linked themselves to the MR of Georges-Louis Bouchez. And they especially find De Wever and SP.A unreliable. The liberals refuse to come again as long as the preformateurs “do not clarify and play us against the greens”. The preformers are planning to send them another invitation.


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