De Wever aims air carbine at a man who spends the night in tu … (Deurne)


Archive photo. — © Patrick De Roo


The Antwerp police arrested a confused man in Bart De Wever’s garden on Thursday night. The mayor caught the man and pointed an air carbine at him until the police arrived.

Around 3 am Liesbet, the youngest daughter of Bart De Wever, heard a suspicious noise in the garden. She woke her father, who then stepped into the garden without blinking and in his sleeping clothes. De Wever also carried an unloaded air carbine. “For a year now, he has bought it legally in order to protect his family after the events of recent years,” explains his spokesman Johan Vermant.

In the garden, the mayor found a 40-year-old man. He appeared quite confused. De Wever took no risk and pointed the air rifle at the man until the Antwerp police arrived at the Herentalsebaan. “The man was arrested. He was first taken to the hospital for a check-up, then he was taken to Noorderlaan for further investigation, ”said police spokesman Wouter Bruyns.

Given the facts, the police also carried out a search of the man’s place of residence. He will also have to justify himself for going out on the street after curfew.



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