De Telegraaf: Ajax’s medical staff are amazed and puzzled


The medical staff of Ajax is puzzled. The corona virus has wandered around in the selection of the Amsterdam club, but it is unclear where the players and employees got infected.

Ajax does not want to confirm the number, but according to The Telegraph thirteen people at Ajax were infected with the corona virus. It concerns players and staff members from Ajax 1 and Jong Ajax. It is unclear where the infections have occurred: none of the infected persons have had corona complaints or have been seriously ill.

The situation doesn’t just surprise Ajax’s medics, writes The Telegraph, it also puzzles the doctors. The morning newspaper outlines some scenarios: for example, a number of players of Ajax got infected during the Europa League match against Getafe in Madrid on February 20 of this year. The Spanish capital later turned out to be one of the corona fires of Europe.

There is also a chance that the Ajax players and staff members have contracted the virus in family circles. After the termination of the Eredivisie, everyone was in home isolation until the end of April. According to Ajax, no one now has the corona virus among the members.


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