De Jonge: ‘Corona vaccines expected at the beginning of the new year’ | Inland


De Jonge said Friday afternoon that he expects to receive the first vaccines ‘in the first month or the first months of the new year’. In an international collaboration with three potential suppliers, the Netherlands has made agreements about the supply of a vaccine against corona. In total, De Jonge is in talks with ‘about ten’ parties who are working on a corona vaccine.

The minister is still cautious about his own prediction: “It remains to be seen, every test phase can go wrong again.”

Because the Netherlands will not receive enough vaccines in one go to protect the entire population, a so-called vaccination strategy is being developed in The Hague. De Jonge has asked the Health Council for advice about this, and he hopes to receive an answer this autumn. Such a strategy could mean, for example, that elderly or vulnerable people are the first to receive a vaccine. The CDA minister does not see a vaccination obligation.

Warning GGD

De Jonge also responded on Friday to the message from NRC that the GGD in Rotterdam warned him three weeks ago that there would be problems with the source and contact investigation. In the Lower House, the minister said that he was only informed about this last Friday.

In a response, De Jonge confirmed that he had indeed received the memo from the Rotterdam GGD, but that, according to him, the warning about the source and contact investigation was not explicit enough. He added that it would have been better if the warning had come in from Rotterdam ‘through the front door’, ie the national GGD or his ministry.


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