De Graafschap loses ‘determining player’: “This is very annoying”


It’s all done: Branco van den Boomen leaves De Graafschap for a three-year adventure at Toulouse FC. The French club confirmed the arrival of the midfielder on Friday.

Technical manager Peter Hofstede is disappointed that De Graafschap loses ‘a decisive player’ with Van den Boomen. A replacement will have to be found. “It will not be easy and it will be quite a challenge. It is indeed a bit of fate for De Graafschap. I have been walking around in football for so long, you know this can happen to these types of players. We will have to look further and this have to accept “, Hofstede tells Omroep Gelderland.

“This is very annoying. In itself it is better to happen now, than at the end of the extended transfer period until October 7,” Hofstede added on the De Graafschap club site. “Suppose this is not finalized until the beginning of October, then you have a serious problem. We wish Branco the best of luck in France.”

De Graafschap reportedly has ‘a few tons’ left over from the departure of the midfielder, who only played in Doetinchem for one year. Van den Boomen signs a contract for three seasons in France. Toulouse relegated from Ligue 1 last season.


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