Davide Ballerini: “Our thoughts were with Jakobsen all day long”


Davide Ballerini: “Our thoughts were with Jakobsen all day”

Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 8:06 PM

A day after the terrible crash of Fabio Jakobsen, there was ‘just’ racing again today in the Tour of Poland. Teammate Davide Ballerini almost managed to win the stage in Zabrze, but the Italian had to settle for third place. “It was a tough day for everyone.”

Ballerini had to think about Jakobsen all day, who is no longer in mortal danger after the violent incident with Dylan Groenewegen in the opening stage of the Tour of Poland. However, the situation is still critical. “Our thoughts were with Fabio all day. I am sure he would have competed for the victory today. ”

“I wanted to achieve a good result for him, but it is not easy against these strong opponents. However, we still have three stages to go and we hope as a team to achieve some nice results for Fabio. Let’s hope he survives this and will make a full recovery, ”said Ballerini.


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