Dancing to DJ Jean and acting against vaccine and Big Pharma


Questions, Virus Madness foreman Willem Engel has many questions about the corona policy for the cabinet and the media. Only in this way, he said to some three thousand fellow protesters on the Malieveld on Saturday afternoon, can the second wave of corona infections be prevented. “Corona viruses have been here for thousands of years and are emerging towards the end of the flu season. It is actually nothing new. ”

In a speech of twenty minutes, Engel asked all his questions about every aspect of the virus and its control on Saturday. The main line of the Virus Madness account: the death from the virus is comparable to a strong flu and so the government measures to contain the disease are not proportional and lawful. The emergency law is therefore unnecessary, let alone a government-wide vaccination program. Virus madness is litigating against the state to lift the corona measures – so far without success.

A festival was emphatically not called the manifestation on the Malieveld – on that basis, an earlier protest of Virus Madness was banned at the end of last month. When protesters still went to the Malieveld and then towards the Binnenhof, the ME intervened hard.

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Organizers will talk about Democracy Day on Saturday and also refer to a large demonstration in Germany, where thousands of people were on their feet. There is a festival atmosphere among the diverse group of attendees – day trippers, yellow vests, professional demonstrators and hippies. The meter and a half are certainly released closer to the stage – often. People dance during the musical intermezzo of DJ Jean (‘fight for your right to partyand hug each other. Mouth masks are missing from everyone.

On a protest sign, the text “Hugo Mengele” is above the drawing of the syringe

The vaccination skepticism is particularly striking. A protester’s protest sign reads “Hugo Mengele” above a drawing of a syringe. A group of men wear shirts with the hashtag #arrestbillgates. In conspiracy angles on the Internet, the Microsoft founder and philanthropist, who deals with vaccination programs in poor countries, is seen as a benefactor of the coronavirus. Still others see a link between the new mobile internet 5G and ‘nanotech’ introduced through a mandatory vaccination program.

Willem Engel of Virus Madness also has many questions about the vaccination program during his opening speech. Who benefits from this? The suspicions go to Big Pharma and – in the eyes of some protesters – his representative in the Netherlands Feike Sijbesma. The former DSM CEO has been a ‘corona envoy’ since March, who deals with test capacity and vaccines on behalf of the government. Engel: “By wondering why that vaccine deal – which was paid by our tax money – has been bombarded with state secret. By wondering if that might be because Hans, Feike Sijbesma’s brother, is AstraZeneca director in Germany. ” It was precisely at that company that Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health, CDA) – together with Germany, France and Italy – placed an order of three hundred to four hundred million doses of the vaccine, which is being developed by the University of Oxford.

When asked, the Ministry of Health denies that there is a conflict of interest. “The special envoy has played no role in the negotiations on behalf of the Netherlands. This has also been expressly agreed in advance and confirmed in writing between the ministry and the special envoy. Feike Sijbesma has neatly reported to the ministry that his brother is working at AstraZeneca. ”

Vaccination damage

Frank Ruesink, a better known Dutch anti-vaccination activist, also shares the stage with Engel and speaks about “the suffering of vaccination damage”. He says that his own child became seriously ill two days after the MMR vaccination. Ruesink does not mince words: “That Feike Sijbesma’s brother is simply the director of AstraZeneca, the company we spent millions on for the corona vaccine. The conflict of interest should stop. ” When Ruesink distributes a ‘letter of resignation’ from Feike Sijbesma to the demonstrators after his speech, it is eagerly signed and handed in to the organization.

After the two-hour program, the protesters quickly leave the Malieveld and the police begin to gently dismiss people. Two more people were eventually arrested, but police said the demonstration went “amicably and orderly.” “We will do this again more often,” Engel concludes. “And we’re just going to call it a festival again.”

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