Daily infections doubled in a week


In the week from 22 to 28 July, an average of 448.1 Belgians per day contracted a coronavirus infection. This is evident from the figures released by Sciensano this morning. In 7 days, the number of daily infections has more than doubled.

On average, 2.7 patients per day die from the effects of Covid-19. That figure remains stable for the time being.

So there are more infections, and that in almost all provinces and in all age categories. Antwerp and the 20-59 age group were hit the hardest.

The number of daily hospital admissions also shows an increasing trend. On average, 22 Covid-19 patients are hospitalized per day, which is 21 percent more than the week before.

Sciensano urges the population not to circumvent the stricter corona measures. “The situation is worrying, but we can still turn the tide,” the research center writes in the report.

In total, 68,751 people have already been infected with the corona virus in Belgium. 9,841 died from COVID-19.

Source: BusinessAM


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