Cynthiahu Sallich: On the move and hope of Hapoel Beer Sheva


Hapoel Beer Sheva wanted to sign him yesterday for two years. Let him feel that the club really trusts him, in the belief that it will serve the purpose and do him good. Sallich insisted on closing only for the season, perhaps because he estimates that next summer will be better money and perhaps because he is – one who is not afraid of wanderings and transitions, as he has done for quite a few years during his career.

After the release of Ben Shehar, Niv Zrihan, Oren Bitton, Ben Bitton and foreigners Nigel Hasselbaink, Ernests Stakus and David Simao, Hapoel Beer Sheva is also renewed and France is a player with all the question marks, his arrival was still an illogical fantasy only a few weeks ago when the club Was deep in the economic mud. The departure of Ben Shehar and Ben Bitton cleared four million shekels in the budget and suddenly there is money to play with.

One way or another, the big task is to hurt every player because there is no money to go wrong. Sallich will have to choose between trailing behind Joshua and others who may stand out, or deciding he went down south to leave a mark on a club that is still groping its new path in the era after Alona Barkat.


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