Cyber ​​criminals plan multiple attacks in our country: “Tsu …


Cyber ​​criminals are planning several attacks with “smishing messages” (phishing messages via SMS) in our country in the coming days and maybe weeks. The Center for Cybercrime has learned this from a good source. The Center urges to be alert and to report such messages.

Texting is increasingly used to send messages containing false links with the intention of scamming people. This form of phishing was given a name: “smishing” or also “SMS phishing”. Smishing has been on the rise in recent weeks and we can also expect attacks with smishing messages in the coming weeks.

“Cyber ​​criminals use current events to make you curious and make you click. We see several smishing messages popping up that promise something in response to the corona crisis ”, the Center for Cybercrime said. “But messages that seem to come from the government, a bank or a courier service also continue to circulate. Don’t get caught and always be alert. ”

The Center recommends not clicking on the link of a suspicious message. If you have clicked, do not fill in the fields further and cancel any interaction. Anyone who receives a false message can forward it to [email protected] You can copy the content of a fake text message to an e-mail. The content is then processed automatically. Print screens can be forwarded to [email protected]

On you will find even more tips on detecting phishing and smishing messages.


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