Custard has to make way more often for ‘healthy’ cottage cheese: we eat fewer desserts


Between 2016 and 2019, we bought 6 percent less milk, 10 percent less custard and no less than a quarter less desserts.

However, there are also dairy products that are sold more. Yogurt, for example, had an increase of more than 2 percent and the number of liters of quark sold increased by 20 percent.

Vegetable food

That is easy to explain, says Lolkje de Vries of the Nutrition Center. “We see that there is a trend in which less animal and more vegetable is eaten. People are leaving certain dairy products.”

“What you also see is that a lot of quark is eaten, because we have the impression that it is healthy. Especially in combination with sports, because it contains a lot of protein.”

“Sweet custard and chocolate custard contain a lot of sugar.” And people who want to eat less sugar leave the desserts on the shelves more often. “In that respect, it is better to choose semi-skimmed or low-fat cottage cheese. Added sugar makes it less healthy.”

Replace dairy

Nevertheless, according to the Nutrition Center, dairy is important. “It has health effects that we don’t yet know are due to calcium or the combination of different substances in dairy.”

If you don’t want to eat dairy, you would do well to find a replacement, according to De Vries. “Then a vegetable protein drink can be good, if it contains, for example, B12, protein and calcium. Check labels for the nutrients.”


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