Curfew in Antwerp not enforced during heatwave: “Don’t use this moment to throw a party”


Despite the heat, Berx also emphasized the usefulness of wearing a mouth and nose mask. “The rule will not be relaxed, but the context will be taken into account in enforcement.”

That leaves room for interpretation, as happens in the city of Antwerp. There, the local police, at the request of Mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA), will only enforce the mouth mask obligation on the public domain in busy places. “I demand a sense of responsibility from everyone,” says De Wever

The adjustment is provisionally in effect until Wednesday 12 August. Until then, the Antwerp police will not intervene if the mouth-nose mask is removed in quiet places, where no one else is in the vicinity or if there is only a short crossing or passing. For the sake of clarity, this therefore concerns a measure in the city of Antwerp, not in the entire province.

De Wever emphasizes that his corps will strictly monitor the wearing of a mask in busy places and that large groups do not gather at night in the public domain. “Respect the guidelines,” he says.


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