Culture sector establishes crisis cell: “Stop the bread robbery and re …


Various players from the broad cultural sector are working together on a crisis cell, which must ensure that the sector does not collapse due to the corona crisis. “Stop the bread robbery, involve us, and let us work safely. If there is one sector that can do that, then it is us ”, is their message.

“In recent months and weeks, policymakers have repeatedly turned out to be insufficiently aware of the many efforts the sector made to organize corona-proof performances and performances. The ill-considered decisions that followed hit many organizations, artists, freelancers and technicians who saw their livelihood evaporate ”, it says in a statement.

Not only the makers are the victims, but also culture lovers. “Not everyone can enjoy shopping, fitness or watching football. A healthy society also needs culture ”, say the organizations.

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80 culture workers

However, according to the sector, there are few places in our society where the measures are so strict and a visit is so safe. The measures are described in the sector guide Professional Arts. More than 80 culture workers participated in that document. It has also been approved by the Minister of Culture and the GEES. Pillars are: distance between the bubbles, wearing masks, separate flow of visitors, handles and registration of visitors.

Antwerp Arts Consultation (AKO), Artists Coalition, Brussels Arts Consultation (RAB / BKO), Corona Taskforce Belgian Event Sector, Ghent Arts Consultation (GKO), Live Sector Consultation, Consultation on Arts Organizations (oKo), State of the Arts and Flemish Museum Consultation do not want to wait idly and working on a crisis cell. The aim is to involve as many different actors as possible in the project.

They call on the government to consistently involve the cultural sector. “We have the expertise, there are no more excuses to decide over our heads. We know best what is possible, what has already been undertaken and what is needed ”, is their call.


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