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Researchers at the National Forensic Institute discovered this. The East Brabant police cold case team shares the detail in hopes of solving the old infanticide.

Origin hair

The hair is 27 centimeters long and dark in color. It is not certain that the perpetrator’s hair is. “The hair could have been the culprit,” says cold case team leader Jeroen Snellen, “but might as well come from someone close to the culprit, such as a partner. But the donor can also be someone else that Manon had contact with shortly before her death. So it can also be a trail to an important witness. In any case, the hair does not belong to any of the suspects previously arrested. ”

Manon disappeared on Thursday, August 10, 1995. The girl went outside to play before dinner, but never came home.

Manon Seijkens’ death is part of a series of roughly twenty-five shocking child murders in the 1990s. Where in recent years there has been a breakthrough in the cold cases of, among others, Marianne Vaatstra, Nicole van den Hurk and Nicky Verstappen, it is still a mystery in the Manon case who is behind the murder, the police write.

Sexually abused

The most obvious scenario for the detectives of the cold case team is that Manon must have been killed on the day of her disappearance, after she was probably sexually assaulted first. Sounds she has seen in the following days are very unlikely. The team assumes that she was murdered where she was found more than six months later. That was in a dense grove near the canal. Team leader Jeroen Snellen calls it an unpleasant place to stay, especially on a hot summer day. “A place with dense vegetation, brambles and many hot flies and mosquitoes on warm days. Not a place to stay for pleasure. ” Fishermen were regularly in the vicinity of that location, but a survey among this target group did not yield any useful information. Snellen also says that it was precisely in that conscious place that people did not search for an annoying combination of circumstances. “Because a member of the ME search team broke his leg, the search was stopped prematurely. In the end, the site was only viewed from an airplane. “

Team leader Snellen says he is convinced that the perpetrator must have known the environment well: “You have to know the place where the girl was eventually found to get there. Without having to go through the water, it can only be reached via a kind of lock; a route you should know. ” He continues: “We think the perpetrator lived nearby, which does not mean that he was officially registered there. Someone who did not stand out in the everyday street scene. ” According to Snellen, it is possible that the perpetrator – with current knowledge – may have been noticed after leaving the neighborhood soon after the incident. ”

Variegated women’s pumps

In addition to the long, dark hair, it is also important to mention that Manon wore fur-colored women’s pumps when she was found. The mere fact that the child was wearing shoes when she was found is remarkable: Manon had left home without shoes on.

The pumps are from the Marie-Claire brand. Extra holes were made in the straps so that they were also suitable for children’s feet.


The cold case investigation team hopes that by sharing these findings they will eventually find the perpetrator. Snellen: “Perhaps the fact that the hair is of East Asian origin does ring a bell with someone.” says team leader Snellen. He emphasizes that people can turn to the detectives of the cold case team in Eindhoven with even the tiniest bits of information. “We examine every tip.”

People can reach the cold case team via the national police number 0900-8844 or via the detection tip line 0800-6070.


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