Cross-examination again, but Beke does not have to v …


Flemish Minister of Welfare Wouter Beke (CD&V) has yet to provide text and explanation in the Flemish Parliament. This time about the problems with contact tracing. By already responding to the complaints of the local authorities and with better results under his arm, he is already able to temper the cross-examination somewhat. Beke should not fear for his job anyway.

Within the Flemish government, he enjoys the express support of Prime Minister Jan Jambon (N-VA). The analysis there is that Beke is a victim of the circumstances, the corona crisis and the difficult state structure that makes the crisis response more difficult. But within his own party, outspoken support is harder to find. Many parliamentarians have not forgotten how Beke made himself a minister. The fact that he, as Minister of Welfare – the CD&V department par excellence – has difficulty controlling the crisis, is not reflected in the entire party. But no one likes him to push him now. “He has defended himself well in the corona committee,” it sounds. Nobody saw the crisis coming. Who would do better in these circumstances? ” Certainly now that the second wave is gaining speed, the ministerial post of Welfare would be a poisoned gift for anyone.

The opposition also realizes that Beke will not disappear. She especially wants to emphasize that he always comes too late. “It is a pity that emergency cries are always needed before the minister takes action,” says Jeremie Vaneeckhout van Groen. “The same story for the umpteenth time,” according to Hannes Anaf of SP.A.


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