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Whether it is an investigation at the neighborhood police station, at the national unit in Blade 433, or at the tax authority, VAT or any other body.

The importance of consulting and guiding a criminal attorney is crucial. Every criminal suspect has some right to pre-trial counseling known as the “right to be consulted.”

Important to know, the first version submitted by the suspect in the police investigation may decide his fate and influence the decision of the police officer as to whether to detain or release the suspect under restrictive conditions and even the decision whether to file an indictment or not.

Accompanying a criminal lawyer at every stage of detention is extremely important

Police investigators will always try to break the spirits of criminal suspects. Sometimes through harsh detention conditions, or exerting various pressures and all to get suspects to plead guilty to criminal offenses, whether they committed them or not. The job of a criminal lawyer is to accompany the suspect all the way and even visit him in the detention center if necessary and continue to advise until his complete release.

The sooner the suspect hires the services of a criminal lawyer, the more likely it is that his condition will improve. This is why legal advice by a criminal lawyer at the beginning of the investigation is necessary so that he will protect the rights of the criminal suspect. He is the one in charge of ensuring that the defendant does not incriminate himself, that the Israeli police carry out the investigation without infringing on the suspect’s rights and thus maintaining proper management of the court system and criminal proceedings. .

The essential difference between civil law and criminal law

There is a fundamental difference between civil law and criminal law since the enforcement of criminal law is incumbent on the State of Israel even if the main victim of the offense is an individual. This is why the criminal trial is conducted between the state and the defendant in a criminal offense. Many criminal lawyers often have to challenge and question the evidence before the court in criminal proceedings.

To do this, a solid and uniform line of defense must be formulated, nocturnal analysis of the evidence, collection of relevant rulings and guidelines must be made, and the correct strategy must be found to prove to the court that the defendant’s guilt cannot be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Leading criminal lawyers find brilliant legal strategies that will help ease the punishment of his clients or achieve complete innocence.

The Guiding Criteria for the Successful Selection of a Criminal Attorney

Choosing a criminal lawyer is the most important point. Sometimes, clients come to a criminal defense attorney, through testimonials from friends or acquaintances.

Attorneys are not recommended for lawyers who do not specialize in criminal law and thus may cause harm to the suspect or defendant. Care should be taken to check the background from which the lawyer came before closing on the representation, among other things by browsing the firm’s website and understanding the areas of activity and specialization of the criminal lawyer.

It is also important to meet with the lawyer and feel if there is chemistry and trust between you and the criminal lawyer, since full cooperation between you and the criminal lawyer is important and crucial in the handling of the case. Be open to an attorney and do not omit any details to ensure that the legal advice you receive is consistent with the factual situation.

It is advisable to choose a criminal lawyer at the earliest stage of the investigation. In fact, in order to succeed in a trial or reduce the sentence, care must be taken that the lawyer accompanies you from the initial stage and all the way so that he can prepare you well for every meeting and interrogation. “That.


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