CPA retaliates after criticism: ‘We are not even allowed to adjust the finish strip’


In recent days, the CPA, the rider’s union, has been under attack. This as a result of the fall of Fabio Jakobsen. Now they have one brief written to the UCI asking if they can do more for the safety of the riders.

They were accused of ‘doing nothing for the safety of the riders’, and that is not the first time. ‘Our representative is the link between the riders and the organization. He turns on at it extreme weather protocol and can speak on behalf of the participants of the race. He’s just not in charge of security. ”

The CPA says it is concerned with safety, but it is not ultimately responsible. ‘We are a last resort, not the first. For example, we wonder why teams don’t intervene when they see the routes. Can’t they say their riders won’t start if it’s not safe? ‘

CPA has wanted crush barriers to be inspected for years

The UCI and the other umbrella organizations are also beaten. ‘They all do have a voice to adjust the security measures, we don’t. We cannot just hope that the organization is doing well. We need strict rules and stricter controls. For example, we have wanted the crush barriers to be safe and inspected for years. ‘ (Photo: Sirotti)


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