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With the maze of regulations surrounding corona, people are expected to be more and more creative in order to maximize the ‘openness’. In the coming weeks it will be the turn of public transport, all city and regional buses will be renovated. A so-called cough screen is installed in the front, so that people can enter the bus again ‘normally’. This is to prevent fare dodging.

Since the corona crisis, about 20% of travelers have been driving black. Normally this percentage is about 1 to 2%. A significant increase, and therefore it is logical that they try to tackle this problem.

“This will also apply to all trams. Since the corona crisis, there has been an average of about twenty percent fare dodgers, because the front door remains closed to protect the driver. Normally this is one to two percent. The percentage shoots up by getting in behind.

They are also going to apply some extra rules in bus traffic. There will be a one-way street, and bus drivers will be instructed to ventilate the bus after every trip. Public transport also see the importance of good ventilation.

“Drivers therefore vent their vehicle at every stop by opening all doors. We are also going to introduce one-way traffic, front in back out. The chance of exposure to the virus is thus even smaller, in addition to the already mandatory face masks ”

By opening all doors at every stop, it is hoped to lower the aerosol level in the bus. This in order to be able to continue to drive responsibly.

“It is therefore advisable to open all vehicle doors briefly at every stop. It is also better that the first row of seats behind the driver will remain taped ”

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